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Elea High proud to be recognised as the premier small, family-oriented online school, providing an education which values each student as an individual who plays a big part in the wider school community. Our approach allows young people to access a high quality, balanced education wherever they are in the world.

Employing high-quality teachers, many of whom are examiners, enables Elea High to deliver effective and engaging lessons. We are committed to ensuring our students’ well-being is prioritised through a supportive, pastoral programme and promise an unrivalled personalised online education experience for your child.

Elea High Online School Commits to Provide:

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Parents and students recognise the unique education provided by Elea High which ensures world class learning experiences, delivered in small classes, in ways that will engage all young people, using cutting edge technology to enhance their learning.

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Elea High Online School was developed for students and families who see the benefit of personalised online education opportunities where the student is at the forefront of all we do. Online education offers the flexibility of access from any location worldwide, allowing your child to learn from the environment that is most effective for them.

Join our welcoming school community which has already recognised that Elea High Online School is the perfect school if you are seeking:

Embrace Community

It's not just about grades...

We do not simply focus on an academic education but balance academic success with the development of our students into young people who will see success in life as being able to make a difference to the lives of others. With the founding of Elea High Online School, we have the opportunity to bring our philosophy and the success it generates, to a wider audience. We hope that the students who join us at Elea High Online School will share in this success and join the hundreds of students for whom our school has a special place in their hearts.

Embrace Success

Delivering a First Class English Education via Personalised Online Learning to Young People Around the World.


Elea High Online School teaches the International GCSE and International A level courses of the English National Curriculum which, in its entirety, is broad and balanced, ensuring that students advance in academic subjects. Elea High Online School also commits to preparing them socially and emotionally to become confident and resilient young people.

Elea High Online School offers a wide range of IGCSE and International A Level subjects to give students the internationally recognised qualifications they need to access further education around the world. Through the teaching and learning portal, students can access teaching material at all times as well as undertake tasks set by the teacher during lessons, collaborate in group work and undertake independent learning through subject related projects.

Student work can be submitted online where it will be assessed by the teacher and feedback given to the student. parents have full and easy access to their child’s progress through the learning portal. With a supportive family community, Elea High Online School offers an interactive learning environment where young people have the best opportunity to achieve their goals. 

A skills-based curriculum is more relevant in a world where knowledge is available at the touch of a key 

(Royal Society of Arts 1991)

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