Admissions Guidance

The guidance below has been designed to assist potential candidates through each stage of the admissions process once their application form has been received and confirmed.

Admissions Guidance

Elea High Online School recommend that you familiarise yourself with the application process, the first stage of which should be to complete the online application form.


Prior to entry, your child will be asked to undertake an online Cognitive Ability Test (CAT4). This is a diagnostic assessment that allows our teachers to understand how your child learns and what their academic potential might be. It allows our teachers to be able to adapt their approach to meet your child’s needs. Upon completion of the assessment, reports will be issued to the student, parents/guardians and teachers and you will have an opportunity to discuss the assessment results with a member of our team.

How to book the Assessment

Please contact our Admissions Team to arrange the online assessment. Parents will be asked to indicate their child’s availability during our testing windows. Candidates must have a quiet location, free from distractions, for the duration of the assessment. A computer with a working webcam and microphone headset will be required, our online supervisor will check that your device and location are suitable before beginning.

Admission Interview

An Academic Interview with our Principal is also part of our Admissions Process. This interview will be held after candidate has sat the CAT4 Assessment. This to help us get to know our students and give them the opportunity to ask questions about their studies.

Interview Link

Candidates will receive a video conference link from our Admissions Team prior to the call. Technology requirements for the interview will consist of: Teams or Zoom, a laptop or computer and a working webcam

Prior to the Interview

Find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the interview. Log into Teams or Zoom at least five minutes before the start of interview, test that your microphone and video are working correctly to ensure you are ready to begin at the scheduled time.

There is no strict requirement for formal dress but please wear appropriate clothing. 

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