Qualifications from Elea High

Elea High are committed to offering a wide range of qualifications to our students to enable them to plan their journey to their dream career and the journey typically begins in Year 7 as we begin the preparatory work for the examination years which start in Year 9 or Year 10.

In the English education system, recognised across the globe, students sit external exams at 16 years old and need to achieve a grade 6 (grade 5 under exceptional circumstances) to be able to progress to A levels. If your child is looking to go to university after compulsory education, they must achieve good grades in their A level exams. In addition to this, universities look for ways that students have sought to extend their learning opportunities and, most commonly, this is through the undertaking of the Extended Project Qualification which is the equivalent of half an A level and earns up to 28 UCAS points, the rubric for entry onto university courses. 


Students typically study up to eight IGCSEs, with a minimum of five and no maximum. There is a broad range of subjects to suit all kinds of interests including arts, sciences, humanities and sport. If a student is unsure about their career choice, they are advised to choose a broad range of subjects that interest them. The exams are graded from 9 to 1 with nine being the highest grade.

A Levels

These are typically studied in the last two years of formal education. Students usually need only three A levels although some study four. These should be selected to lead into the student’s intended university course. Points are accrued depending on the grade and the total informs which universities and courses they can join. Courses are graded from A to E.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) 

The EPQ is a coursework based qualification that adds extra UCAS points to a student’s university application, giving them a greater chance of securing the university course of their choice. It also shows universities that the student has demonstrated many of the study qualities needed for success in university.

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