Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an extensive, independent research project usually undertaken in Sixth Form. It allows students to study a topic area which extends their learning in their chosen area of study, as a standalone qualification and is an excellent preparatory qualification for A levels and undergraduate study.

The Extended Project Qualification

With university places at a premium following the end of Covid restrictions, A level students are finding greater competition for university places from those that deferred entry to university when lectures were online.

Students must now look for additional ways to stand out from the competition, now that A*A*A* may not be enough. One of the ways this can be achieved is through undertaking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), an enquiry based qualification that practises and develops vital skills for university.

The (EPQ) allows students to study a topic area which extends their learning in their chosen area of study, as a standalone qualification but one where a high grade impresses university admissions as it shows that students will do well at university. Elea High believes the EPQ to be a vital component of a Sixth Form education and would urge all A level students who wish to gain a university place to choose the EPQ.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows students to study a topic area which extends their learning in their chosen area of study, as a standalone qualification. It involves students choosing a project topic and completing a dissertation, an investigation/field study, or a performance or artefact. Students are assessed on their ability to plan, manage, complete and review their project. The whole process from start to finish takes about 120 hours. Elea High Online School is pleased to be able to offer the EPQ to students within Year 10 to 13, keen to obtain an additional qualification that is valued by universities and employers for its rigorous academic content.

The aim of the EPQ is to

Students will be required to:

The benefits of undertaking the EPQ

When will the teaching take place?

There are two submission dates per year meaning that students can start an EPQ in September of April for a May or January submission. There’s also an Express route which enables dedicated students to complete their EPQ in 14 weeks.

What is the process?

Students will be assigned a Tutor Assessor who will teach and guide students to help them get started, assisting with planning, undertaking research, developing presentation skills and ensuring they stay on track with their project.

The topic would be agreed between the student and the Tutor Assessor. The following are examples of project types for each unit:

Unit 1: Dissertation

A theoretical written project on any topic presenting an argument, e.g. research into a biological, historical or environmental issue.

Unit 2: Investigation/Field Study

A practical investigatory project involving the collection of data, e.g. a scientific investigation, a geographical study of erosion, a biological study of pollution, a statistical survey.

Unit 3: Performance

Development of practical skills resulting in a performance, e.g. performing music, drama, sport.

Unit 4: Artefact

For example, creating a painting or sculpture, designing a piece of furniture or a garment, creating a website, solving an engineering / construction problem, producing a piece of graphic design.

Assessments, which lead to the award of a student’s final grade, will be undertaken by the Tutor Assessor. Exam boards will moderate marks to ensure Tutors are grading correctly.

EPQs are currently graded A* to E and they are worth up to half an A level, as well as accruing UCAS points.

The following is a general guide to the grading breakdown:

Am I a suitable candidate to undertake an EPQ?

An EPQ is an extensive project and will stretch and challenge you. To be successful you need to:

If you feel you would like to undertake the EPQ but are struggling to think of a topic for your research, by identifying the area of study that interests you (e.g. history, medicine, English, art, psychology), your Tutor Assessor can assist you with ideas for a research project/question. In order to explore EPQ ideas you can visit www.thinkstudent.co.uk/epq-ideas/ . It is advisable that you choose a topic/research question that really interests you as you will be spending a considerable amount of time researching your chosen area of study. 

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