Pastoral Care and Our School Community

Elea High Online School recognises the importance of pastoral care in a supportive online school. Our pastoral care programme provides guidance, advice and support for our students via a Mentor and Coach who meets fortnightly with each student. Our comprehensive Personal Social and Health Education curriculum supplements this care with activities that help our students develop the skills of resilience, adaptability, collaboration and consideration for others. Through our approach, we have built a supportive community of young people and teachers who are happy and motivated to do their best for each other. 

Our Pastoral Care Team offers the following support for our students:

Experienced, caring teachers who closely monitor the pastoral needs of our students, referring any students of concern to our Mentor Coaches, who are always available during school operating times. Pastoral help sessions are available to all Elea High Online School students. 

The Mentor Coaches, Admissions Manager and the Principal maintain regular communication with parents, advising them in a timely manner of any pastoral matters relating to their child.

A Pastoral Care Committee, led by the Principal, which meets weekly to review student pastoral needs.

Psychologist Counsellors who can meet with students if necessary after agreement with parents.

A registered psychologist is on hand to provide any necessary reports to enable access arrangements for examinations.

As a registered school we take safeguarding very seriously and issues arising are managed by our Designated Safeguarding Leads.

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Our discord server offers a safe place for students to meet with their friends online. Additionally, through TLC Private School, students can attend holiday camps and summer schools in Cyprus or the UK.

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