One to One Tuition

Why study One to One?

For many reasons, some students wish to study on a one to one basis with a tutor. 

Whilst this is a more expensive option it has several benefits including

  • Greater flexibility on the number and variety of subjects studied
  • More flexible study times available to suit personal or family circumstances
  • Study is undertaken at the student’s own pace
  • Ideal for highly focused students who are determined to gain the highest grades and fast track to their career choice
  • It can help students with specific learning differences to make the most of their learning opportunities

How it works

A variety of subjects can be offered, tailored to the student’s needs or interests from 7 years old up to A level studies. Please contact us for more details of Elea High’s One to One programme.

The lessons are delivered by teaching experts in the subjects chosen and students are statistically likely to perform far better than those taught in large classes. Tutored students invariably appear in the top 2% of academic results.

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