Frequently asked Questions

See below Frequently Asked Questions about the School, our program and how to apply.

Elea High Online School is a new kind of school founded on traditional schooling principles and the cutting edge educational philosophy, practices and traditions expected of any modern school today.  Delivered to pupils all over the world through an online platform, it is a full-time school offering the flexibility of modern ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning, closely guided by specially trained teachers and tutors versed in the British educational system. The school has been developed through a collaboration between Elea High Online School and the highly successful TLC Private School in Paphos, Cyprus, whose mission it is to help young people achieve fulfilment in their lives through lifelong learning.

Elea High Online School offers a wide range of IGCSE and A Level courses through Pearson Edexcel including at IGCSE:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Business
  • Economics 
  • French/German/Spanish
  • Psychology
  • Global Citizenship
  • Drama

These two year courses expect students to undertake 180 hours of lessons per year, together with private study and homework equating to a total subject time allocation of five hours per week. Teaching is in small groups to allow more individual attention and ensure you achieve the grades you need to be able to choose the A level courses you need for university entrance.

At A Level students have the choice of the following subjects:
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Further Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • History
  • Geography
  • EPQ

These two year courses expect students to undertake 240 hours of lessons per year, together with private study and homework equating to a total subject time allocation of ten hours per week. Teaching is in small groups to allow more individual attention and ensure you achieve the grades to enable you to access the undergraduate course of your choice.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an extensive independent research project usually undertaken in Sixth-Form. It allows students to study a topic area which extends their learning in their area of study, as a standalone qualification and is an excellent preparatory qualification for A levels and undergraduate study.  More information on the EPQ can be found here.

Every school day (Monday-Friday), our online students work from their homes and participate in a combination of:

  • Self study guided lessons
  • Online lessons (live) with a teacher and other classmates.
  • 1 to 1 meetings with their teachers.

This is a sample of a typical timetable for a pupil studying with Elea High Online School


  • The school day is usually planned to be completed between the hours of 7am and 1pm UK time

A live lesson will typically last approximately 55- 115 minutes. Each lesson has a five-minute break between them to allow students to prepare for the next lesson. For some of the subjects there is a 25 minute period planned for students to prepare or read material for the next lesson. 

Each IGCSE subject consists of 2.5 hours a week with five hours per week for maths and English, including any ‘flip’ (preparation) lessons. A levels consist of up to five hours of lessons excluding ‘flip’ (preparation) lessons. Additional time should be allowed for homework completion. 

This depends on the number of subjects studied. We would recommend seven subjects at IGCSE and three plus the EPQ at A level.  The student’s individual school day is flexible around the scheduled live lessons. There is also a 5-minute break between lessons.

Students who have the capacity to fit extra study into their personal timetable can opt to undertake some or all of their subjects in one year. Please ask Admissions for further details. 

Elea High Online School’s live lessons are generally planned for morning/early afternoon, UK time with the flexibility for self-study lessons to be planned around them according to the time zone. This enables us to cover time zones across Europe and the Middle East. If you are in a significantly different time zone please ask Admissions for access to separate classes.

At Elea High Online School, an online classroom can take many forms, depending on the needs of the lesson but typically include preparation of material by the student prior to the lesson followed by the teacher introducing the topic, an element of virtual reality experience followed by a collaborative session and finally a plenary session.  

Yes, and we hope your child will get a good idea of the lesson format and delivery together with the course structure from attending one. Please ask our Admissions team to arrange a taster day for your child.

    Teachers upload all of the material students need in the resources section of the learning portal. There is a wealth of information, links and videos that students can use to help their learning.

    Access to digital versions of the course textbooks is included with each course. 

    Elea High Online School believes in equal opportunities for all. All students who meet the admissions criteria, including those who have learning differences are warmly welcomed. Our school recognises its duty to make reasonable adjustments for those pupils who have additional learning needs and is committed to understanding and meeting those needs during the pupil’s time at Elea High Online School. Online schooling, by its very nature, can provide a more conducive environment for pupils with learning differences, as our students study from the comfort of their own home with fewer distractions than traditional classrooms.  Self-study lessons can be reviewed at any time and at a pace determined by the student, and all live lessons are also recorded and can be watched back if required. Our Mentor Coaches at Elea High Online School are SEND specialists who can provide support to pupils with a wide range of needs. The nature of the pupil’s learning requirement will be tailored by their particular needs and will be determined in consultation with the pupil and their parents. These provisions may include individual lessons, small group lessons or accommodations made by teachers in the live lessons.

    • Sufficient break time between scheduled lessons provide students the opportunity to move from their workstation and have some time away from the screen.
    • Elea High Online School students are also encouraged to manage their personal timetable to allow for physical activity to counteract the time sat at a screen. 

    • Flip learning where students prepare for upcoming lessons can also be completed offline with access to printed copies of the learning material.
    • To access the rich resources of Elea High Online School and to connect with teachers and peers, students must have a computer with a modern operating system (Windows 10 or later, or Mac OS 10.7 or later) and browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari).  Broadband internet is also an essential requirement.                                             
    • Students will also need a Meta Quest 2 VR headset
    • Students taking Maths, Further Maths, or a Science will additionally be advised to purchase a USB graphics tablet if they do not already have a device with touch screen capabilities.
    • The support desk at Elea High Online School offers support for any technical queries related to your online learning.

    As our online students work through their self-study lessons, their teachers monitor their progress through mini-assessments and remain in regular communication.  A large quantity of data is collected as the pupils complete exercises and engage with course work, giving their teachers a real insight into how their learning is progressing. Parents can check the progress of their child on a regular basis through the learning portal.

    At Elea High Online School we acknowledge that the parents of our online students play a key role in their child’s education.  There is frequent interaction between them and their child’s teachers.  All of our students’ parents can access the Elea High Online School platform, allowing them to monitor their child’s progress in real time. Through this, parents can see how much time their children are spending on each course, as well as their progress through the learning materials. We also encourage parents to discuss their children’s progress with their teachers.

    Online schooling has a number of unique benefits such as:

      • Convenience and flexibility: Online learning allows students to plan study time around the rest of their day.
      • Promotion of self-discipline: Students develop a better sense of self-discipline, skills which often translate to other areas of their life.
      • Ease Of Access: An online school caters to different learning styles through the various delivery mediums available Online (e.g. visual, auditory).
      • Parental Visibility: As the majority of lessons are accessed from home, parents have unparalleled visibility into their child’s education.
    • Elea High Online School is for students worldwide aged 11 – 18 who are looking for a high-quality British education leading to the gaining of internationally recognised qualifications that are accepted by universities around the world..  
    • We do not simply focus on an academic education but balance academic success with the personal development of our students.  
    • All of our online students must display a high level of self-discipline so that they can manage their daily timetable effectively, complete all set assignments and prepare appropriately for class work and examinations.
    Try a taster day to find out. At Elea High we assert that the student has to make the final decision as they will be the one learning at Elea High Online School.
    • Enquire: – Click here to register your interest.
    • Register: – Complete the Online Registration form and submit it along with the required documentation to our Admissions Team.
    • Assessment: – Undertake an online diagnostic assessment that allows our teachers to understand how your child learns and what their academic potential might be.
    • Contact: – A member of our admissions team will send you the school’s terms and conditions for online learning and will contact you to confirm the details submitted in the application form, they will also answer any questions you may have at this time.
    • Payment: – Payment of a registration fee is required upon submission of the application form.  All other fees are payable prior to being granted access to the learning hub.

    The school year follows the English system with three terms as follows:

      • Autumn Term: Monday 04 September 2023 – Friday 15 December 2023
      • Spring Term: Thursday 04 January 2024 – Friday 22 March 2024
      • Summer Term: Monday 8 April 2024– Friday 12 July 2024

    There is a one week, mid-term break in each term and no lessons will take place on UK public holidays

    • Students at Elea High sit their Pearson Edexcel IGCSE and International A Level examinations in a local, approved Pearson Edexcel test centre, just like a student in a traditional school.
    • Students will undertake Edexcel IGCSE or International A Level examinations in May and June. There is the option to take some exams at other times of the year. Exam fees are not included in course fees.
    • Mock examinations are undertaken at appropriate times.
    • We do not believe in over-assessing our students and limit other assessments to twice yearly in readiness for report writing.
    • In May/June of Year 11,  12 and Year 13, pupils must sit exams in an approved Pearson Edexcel test centre to receive their qualification. In the Spring Term, the school will assist pupils in locating a centre that is convenient for them and register them as Elea High Online School candidates.
    • Internationally, Elea High Online School has a partnership with the British Council, enabling many of our pupils outside of the UK to take their Pearson Edexcel International AS and A Level examinations in British Council exam centres.
    • Please contact our Admissions team for more information about registering for examinations.
    • Pearson Edexcel are beginning to introduce online examinations from 2023. Where these are appropriate for Elea High Online School students, they will be entered via this route.

    Yes, under monitored conditions

    Elea High Online School prepares students for Pearson Edexcel International A Level qualifications, which are recognised and accepted by universities worldwide. Additionally, we will support you in accessing the university of your choice and offer you careers guidance. 

    We now offer ‘Soft Skills’ courses through Eton College which will help prepare you for adult life. 

    Yes, Elea High Online School is registered as a UCAS centre and will support pupils applying to universities with the UCAS website and associated forms.

    Elea High Online School aims to ensure that all students perform to their full potential in their IGCSE and then their International A Level examinations, so that they gain admission to top international universities and go on to thrive in their careers.  

    Yes. Elea High prepares students for Pearson Edexcel International A Level qualifications, which are recognised and accepted by universities worldwide.

    It is very difficult to gain access to courses at Oxford and Cambridge Universities plus other top universities in the UK and overseas. If this is your aim, we will give students advice on how to stand out from other applicants and help them with their personal statement and references. It is vital that students wishing to apply to these universities maximise their opportunities in academic and non-academic areas e.g. undertaking the EPQ, playing sport competitively, being involved in community projects etc. Universities look for attributes the student could use to raise the university’s profile.

    Whilst a separate entity, Elea High Online School evolved from TLC Private School, a highly successful international school based in Cyprus but following the English National Curriculum. It shares directors with TLC Private School and is managed by a successful former Principal of TLC Private School who was responsible for TLC Private School’s highly effective response to school closures during the pandemic. 

    Elea Online complies with all UK and European laws.  Currently China restricts online learning provided by overseas schools and we would advise potential students to check local regulations before applying.

    Lessons are provided by fully qualified and experienced teachers who are regularly monitored by the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards of teaching and learning, leading to excellent student outcomes.

    School reports will be issued electronically to parents in December and July. You will be able to access up to date assessment information on your child’s progress via the Parent Portal.

    Elea High Online School is proud to promise open communication channels between parents and the school. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher at any time you can contact them directly to arrange an online meeting.

    Internal assessment results appear on the learning portal, ManageBac. All parents have access to this at all times. As soon as external assessment results are received, you will be informed.

    All lessons are recorded so your child can catch up in their own time.

    If your child cannot attend a lesson or series of lessons, please advise the teacher and admissions. All lessons are recorded so students will be able to catch up with lessons missed.

    You should ensure your child has the right equipment, a suitable internet connection and a quiet space in which to work uninterrupted. We would recommend that you check in with them several times during a school day and spend some time in the afternoon or evening talking with them about their day and what they have learned.

    Your child’s timetable will be available on the learning portal and will also be sent to you prior to the start of the course.

    Teachers have been trained to watch out for signs that a student may be struggling emotionally or academically in school. Mentor Coaches and parents will then be informed and a meeting arranged to ascertain what support is needed to get them back on track.

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