Joining Elea High

Registration & Assessment


Registering your child at Elea High Online School is easy. Simply click here and you will be directed to our online information request form. If you would like to book a taster day for your child, click the blue button at the top of the page. Later in the process, you will be asked to upload copies of your child’s passport, birth certificate and most recent school report so please ensure you have these to hand. In addition, once registered, we will ask your child to complete a ‘getting to know me’ questionnaire so that we can quickly build a picture of the subjects they enjoy, their motivations and how we can best support them as part of our online learning community.


There is no entrance exam to join Elea High Online School but we may ask our students to take a diagnostic test which is usually taken by students across the UK and Ireland between the ages of 6 and 17+. The purpose of the test is to identify how a student learns best and allows teachers and staff to support them in a way more suited to their individual learning needs. The diagnostic test gives a baseline for the potential and strengths of a student whilst highlighting any areas of need they might have. Based on this information, teachers can structure their lessons to suit their learning style. You will be given a copy of the test report on completion and will have the opportunity to discuss the results at the admissions interview.

Agreement & Payment


A member of our admissions team will send you the school’s terms and conditions for online learning and will contact you to confirm the details submitted in the application form.


Payment of a registration fee is required upon submission of the application form. All other fees are payable prior to access to the learning hub.

The traditional approach to teaching and learning (The physical classroom) is not always conducive to learners' needs

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development 2021

Induction & Access

Student Induction

Your child will receive their log in details and information on navigating the online learning platform. They will be contacted by their Form Tutor who will check that they have everything they need to commence their learning on the agreed start date.

Access to the student learning hub

You will receive an email with log in details to the Elea High Online School learning portal and be given instructions on how to use the student learning hub and the materials that will support your child’s learning, including your child’s program of study and timetable.

First Day

A member of the admissions team will contact you at the end of the first day and week to check how well your child is adapting to their new school and if there is anything more we can do to help them feel at home with us.


Please click here to register your interest in Elea High Online School. A member of our admissions team will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your enquiry and answer any questions you may have.

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