Application Process

Elea High Online School offers a personalised education experience. Our Admissions Manager will be happy to help you during the admissions process and advise you on the best enrolment option for your child. They can also give you more information on the subject choices at exam level and help you and your child decide the best options for them.

Entry Criteria

An online education is not for everyone and to be successful, certain attributes in a student are vital. These include:

Ready to Learn

Successful students are those who are motivated to learn, organised, dedicated and willing to collaborate with their peers and their teachers to maximise the benefits of the learning experience. Elea High Online School commits to providing engaging, enriching education experiences designed to maximise student outcomes and students must commit to making the most of those experiences by participating fully in the learning experiences

Digital Competency

There is an expectation that students are digitally competent. Our lessons are delivered via a mix of face to face teaching via video, offline tasks and participation in Virtual Reality experiences. They will need to be competent in basic IT applications and Microsoft 365 apps.

Maturity and Emotional Well-being

Online education requires students to be aware of the impact of their participation on others within the classes. This requires a level of behavioural and emotional maturity. Whilst Elea High Online School’s approach is one of synchronous learning akin to that experienced in a physical school, there is the potential for issues relating to well-being in studying online. Our pastoral care team is adept at recognising the signs of such issues and will offer advice and assistance if deemed necessary.

Personal Qualities

As in life, a positive attitude towards learning is highly beneficial. Elea High Online School weaves the development of 21st Century skills, often called soft skills, through the curriculum. It is beneficial if our students complement this approach with characteristics such as self-motivation, self-management, independence and the ability to communicate effectively, active participation and commitment to personal and group goals.

Impeccable Conduct

We ask Elea High Online School students to recognise that their engagement in lessons also impacts on their fellow students. The qualities expected of an Elea High Online Student include positive participation in all lessons and respect for the opinions of their peers.

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