Don’t Leave It Too Late To Decide

We’re not far off the end of the academic year and, at Elea High Online School, we are deep into the exam season with our students taking IGCSE, IAL and EOQ qualifications at the moment. With so much on our minds, it’s easy to forget that September and the start of the new academic year actually isn’t that far away.

At Elea High, we have received hundreds of enquiries from parents wanting their child to experience our unique and highly successful brand of education and we are following up their enquiries with video calls with them and their children to ensure that they are completely comfortable joining us. Some of the parents we contact say:

‘September is a long way off, please can I contact you nearer the time?’

Whilst this is understandable if parents are concerned that they’ll have to pay the school fees upon commitment (they don’t actually!), the downside is that in ensuring that we remain true to our commitment of small classes and personalised education, we simply do not have spaces even for those who have already enquired should they all wish to join us. We will not grow above 150 students – we have no need to, and, with a maximum of ten in a class, the classes will soon fill.

Schools need to prepare for the new academic year in terms of teaching staff, resources and the administration and it is often heartbreaking to say to parents that we have no space in their child’s class, particularly if we know they would thrive with us.

So my message in this blog is to encourage you to make sure you clearly state, as soon as you feel you can make the commitment, your intent to join your preferred school, whichever one you choose. Most will simply ask for a small registration fee or deposit with the balance of the first term’s fees being paid before the term starts. Don’t risk disappointment and miss the chance for your child to thrive in an environment that may be perfect for them.

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